3 Ways To Stick To Your Diet

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Guest Author: “Three Easy Dieting Success Tips”

By Beverley Brooke

This author offers three simple tips to keep in mind if you want to drop pounds fast:

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1. Drink lots of water each day

• Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily gets easier the more you actually do it. You will begin to crave water.

• A purifying pitcher or filter helps. Or add a few drops of lemon or lime to your water … but no sugar or sweetener! Ice helps.

• Another option: flavored waters. But… Beware of additives.

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2. Eat your breakfast

• Never skip breakfast. Breakfast is too important to your good health and to weight control.

• Eating breakfast helps you stick to your diet the rest of the day.

• You are more likely to binge on something sweet and in the bread group if you skip breakfast.

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3. Eat at least 3 meals and snacks each day

• Just like eating breakfast will increase your metabolism, so will eating more often.

• Curbs your bad-carb intake by ensuring snacks are planned and happen throughout the day.

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